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Young People at Zion!!!

We see our youth as members.

So, we engage them in the congregational life on all levels.

They worship, serve and learn like all the rest of the members.


In studies of youth a couple decades ago, all the major denominations found that 70-80% of their youth who were active in High School, dropped out of church totally after High School and NEVER came back. Of the 20-30% that did come back they found that these kids had participated on all the usual church activities in worship, committees, teams, service groups and council, when they were in High School !

We see our youth as a vital part of EVERYTHING we do. You will see our kids reading, singing, & leading in worship. They are on our committees and work groups. There is always at least one HS youth on council. They even work with our Fall Festival andSpring clean up!


And we do have a few fun things for kids to do as well:

Nerf Wars