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Zion's Visioning Process

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What is Visioning?

    Zion is currently in a visioning process (outlined below).  The goal of this process is for the congregation to work together to listen for God's vision for the congregation.  A Visioning Team has been organized to help facilitate this discussion, and to gather the data together into something coherent.  The visioning team does not do the visioning themselves.  Here are the various ways you can get involved in Visioning:

Here is how the visioning process will work:

Step 1 – Create a Visioning Team
Result - A group of people whose task is to lead Zion in visioning with the help of Discerning Your Congregation’s Future by Oswald and Friedrich.
How we get there – We are there!
This step is complete.

Step 2 – Ministry Assessment
Result - An inventory (available to download under helpful handouts) of the various ministries and strengths here at Zion and a set of interim goals based on that inventory.
How we get there – The congregation is asked to fill out a ministry assessment form listing the important ministries and strengths of Zion and is invited to speak with visioning team members during special dialogue opportunities.
This step is complete. -
See the goals!

Step 3 – Historical Reflection
Result - A history of Zion focusing on important events, a list of statements which seek to describe the meaning of historical events, and an updated set of interim goals.
How we get there - During a congregational meeting for the Bridgebuilder program, a history will be taken and made available for all to add to and view.  A couple weeks later small groups made up of congregational members will meet to discuss “meaning statements.”
This step is two thirds complete -
See the goals!

Step 4 – Norm Identification
Result - A set of norms (unwritten rules by which the congregation lives) and an updated set of interim goals.
How we get there - During the Bridgebuilding process, questions which seek to identify norms will be asked.  After Bridgebuilding is complete, additional congregational member small groups will work together to identify these norms.

Step 5 – Community Concerns
Result - An understanding of the needs and strengths of the larger community Zion is part of and an updated set of interim goals.
How we get there - The visioning team will interview members and leaders of the community.

Step 6 – Prioritize Goals
Result - A list of goals which Zion can use to move into the future.
How we get there - The visioning team will use the set of interim goals and discussions with Zion members to create the list.  The list will be presented to Zion so input can be received and congregational members can note goals they want to work on personally.

Visioning Team Members:  Mark Anderson, Mary Caughey, Todd Caughey, Lou Fox, Tracie Rice, Dan Smith, and Mary Ellen Steinkraus

If you have any questions or comments please contact members of the visioning team.

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Visioning Events

  • January 13 and 20:  Lead Like Jesus ; - If you missed this great opportunity in December, here is your second chance.  Mary Ellen Steinkraus will be leading the event which will run from 10:30 to 3:00 on these two Saturdays in January.  RSVP by calling Kathy at 459-3010.  Come with a pen/pencil, a sack lunch, and leave with much more.
  • January 28 - 11:00 AM:  Zion's Annual meeting - While this isn't a visioning event, per se, it is important to the visioning process.  In addition to other important information that will be shared at the meeting, we will discuss the visioning process and the Bridgebuilder program.  Come and be a part of your church.
  • February 17 - 10:30: The first Bridgebuilder meeting.  This is open to the whole congregation, and we want everyone to attend.  We will explore what Bridgebuilding is, what we think Zion is, Zion's future, and, oh yeah, it should be a pretty good time.  We will also begin our history piece of the visioning process.  See you there.
  • Lent, 2007:  During the Lenten Soup Suppers, join the Visioning Team in small groups as we look over the long timeline of Zion's history and discuss what it can teach us about our future.
  • May 13 - 9:00:  Bridgbuilder meeting.  Pastor Tom will present his Bridgebuilder report to Zion.  Over the past few months, Tom has been in conversation with many of you about Zion and it's future.  Be sure to come that day to hear about Pastor Tom's report and to ask any questions.  We will have one worship service that day at 10:00
  • July 15th - 11:15:  Zion picnic!  Pastor Scott will guide us in some historical refection.  Plus, its a potluck.  everyone loves potlucks!
  • Sundays in late July (and early August?):  We have a bit more historical reflection to do.  Be sure to come and be ready to participate in between and during Sunday services.
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Helpful Handouts

  • "Zion's Visioning Process" - a step by step listing of the process of visioning.
  • "Ministry Assessment Goals" -This is the first list of interim goals developed from the Ministry Assessment forms.
  • "What is visioning?" - an handout published by Vicar Dan to help you understand the job of the Visioning Team.
  • "Letting Go of the Future" - Vicar Dan's December Messenger article that discusses the topic of visioning.
  • "Historical Reflecion Goals"  - The second set of interim goals based on the Lenten historical reflections.
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