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arrowJune 7, 1964   The first worship service held at Zion Lutheran Church of Pineridge

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Stewardship at Zion!!!

Stewardship: "taking care of all God places in your world."

The simplest way to understand stewardship is to think of it as managing everything God has given us. That includes money, but it also includes managing our spiritual growth, managing our relationships, managing our environment, family, time, etc.

We have been through a series of sermons on the theme "How God Works." The better we know how God works in us, around us, and through us, the better stewards we can be.

In fact, we are always in a constant state of development as far as our stewardship is concerned. Disciples never "make it." There is always something new to learn about the Christian life. That's what makes faith so exciting. Stewardship can be an exciting process of growth.