Our council leadership met on February 9 and voted to resume in-person activities including worship. 

We will still mask and be socially distanced and we will still record our worship services on YouTube


Worship 10 am on Sundays
Sunday School at 9:45
Confirmation at 9:00

Lent Services Wednesday at 7:00

1 month ago
February 21 Worship

Here is the link for our service today. https://youtu.be/SPiBK5oyiZI

1 month ago

Link to our Ash Wednesday Worship. https://youtu.be/a6deDFtm5rQ

1 month ago
Disabling Lent: An Anti-Ableist Lenten Devotional OUT NOW!

Check out this really well-written article about ableism this Lent. Powerful stuff.

Join Unbound this Lenten season with Disabling Lent: An Anti-Ableist Lenten Devotional. This Lent, Unbound centers the voices of the disabled community and their allies with devotions for each Sunday ... See more

1 month ago
February 14 Worship

Worship service for today. It was nice to worship with you all in person again. https://youtu.be/-W3HuQBD6tk

Link to bulletin: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UDF45VmctDXV4FYBOzFfU12u4-4Vk3X0/view?usp=drivesdk

2 months ago

Zion Is Back In Business

Our council met on Feb 9 and voted to go back to in-person worship and ministries. That means we will hold a service this Sunday the 14th and the following Wednesday, which ... See more

2 months ago
February 7 Worship

Here is the worship service for this weekend. https://youtu.be/_kBFav4B1iA

2 months ago
January 31 Worshio

Here is the worship service for the weekend. https://youtu.be/zk_VkpPv6Bk

5 months ago

Congratulations Anson! Anson confirmed his faith, the faith in which he was baptized this last Sunday. Thanks to the Dockter family and our Zion family for supporting him.

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